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Re - discover this summer.
Free 3.7mile circular walk with audio narration starting from Emersons Green Library.
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This summer, re-discover the place we call home. Join the free Emersons Green Audio Tour from July to September. Armed with your mobile phone, walk and listen to the audio narration and interviews covering fourteen local and historical points of interest in 90 minutes. 

Emersons Green Park | Mangotsfield | Rodway Common

Mangotsfield Station | Pomphrey Hill | The Dramway

Cycle Path | Emersons Green


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The Walk

Discover trains, mines, giant sculptures, chocolate and more on this 3.7-mile narrated circular walk from Emerson's Green Library.


The Emersons Green Audio Tour will take between 90 minutes and two hours to complete. Allow more time if you plan to stop at any location.

The Audio

Look out for the signs on the route, and use your internet-connected phone to scan each of the fourteen QR codes with your camera. Hear a mix of historical stories, facts, and interviews that bring our local landmarks to life.   


Emersons Green Audio Tour is produced for the local community by Lenni Langreiter as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Volunteering. Aiming to create impact & develop self.


Thanks to & supported by Emersons Green Town Council, Staple Hill & Mangotsfield Parish Council & South Gloucestershire County Council. 

Local Stories

Did you know Emersons Green and Mangotsfield have links to a kings murder, chocolate, mining, a supercomputer and the area features one of the world's biggest earth sculptures?

In memory of David Brace

Mangotsfield & Local Historian

14 Points of Interest

01. Emersons Green Library 

2 Mins Walk, 140m

02. Emersons Green Park

4 Mins Walk, 320m

03. Emersons Green Common

6 Mins Walk, 480m

04. Church Farm Colliery

6 Mins Walk, 480m

05. St. James Church 

6 Mins Walk, 500m

06. Rodway Hill Manor

6 Mins Walk, 480m

07. Rodway Common

5 Mins Walk, 450m

08. Carson's Chocolate Factory

4 Mins Walk, 160m

09. Mansgotsfield Station

12 Mins Walk, 804m

10. Pomphrey Hill

6 Mins Walk, 480m

11. The Dramway 

3 Mins Walk, 330m

12. Chain & Wheel 

5 Mins Walk, 360m
13. Bristol & Bath Cycle Path

5 Mins Walk, 380m

14. Now and Then

12 Mins Walk, 850m

Your Support
Thanks To

Any donations received will contribute to the production costs of The Emersons Green Audio Tour (2024) and travel for Camp International Kenya (2025), both for Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Emersons Green Audio Tour was supported by:

  • Paul Kearsley, Emersons Green Town Council

  • Lorna Green, Environmental Artist

  • Helen Rana, Community History and Arts Project

  • Steve Grudgings, South Gloucestershire Mine's Research Group

  • Andrew Brace, Local Historian 

Emersons Green Audio Tour Map
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